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Halo 3 Mod

by Casey Jones

A Halo 3 mod is usually thought of as any software modification that changes the game play in the super popular video game for the Xbox 360, Halo 3.

But the terminology also encompasses many other modifications, such as physical changes made to the Xbox 360 console to show the world that you are a hard-core Halo fanatic.

However, before anyone can make a Halo 3 mod, they must have the proper tools, along with some technical expertise and knowledge.

These tools would usually includes a number of pieces of software that allow people to de-construct, edit, and reconstruct Halo 3 files.

It would also involve some hardware to allow the Xbox 360 hard drive to be read into a PC and the files to be downloaded to that hard drive.

You have to do this because the Xbox 360 is not a platform on which files can be altered. Previously, the hardware developers, in this example Microsoft, made the tools available to those who paid the licence fee.

But over time, especially in the case of Halo 3 mods, the public has developed several tools and techniques to achieve what has to be done for modification. A Halo 3 mod also includes, as stated earlier, physical changes to the Xbox 360 console itself.

For instance, some people might take off the case and actually carve the words 'Halo 3' into it. They might also accompany this by painting the console red, blue or green to match the colour of the armour of the heroes in the game.

However, it's a rather extreme way to say to the world - I love Halo 3 - in that it could cause actual damage that renders the Xbox 360 unplayable. People often display their altered Xbox 360s on photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and when they go toattend live LAN events.

One of the things that people who are fanatical about the  world of the Halo 3 mod try to focus on is that these should not be used for the purpose of cheating. Modifications are fun to get a new aspect on Halo 3 play or a new feel for certain levels. But if they're used to make the game unfair in favour of one person or team, they destroy the overall game experience for everyone.

One website where a person can find many a Halo 3 mod is H3mod.com. The site calls itself the 'future of Halo modding'. It seems to me like a good place to begin if you really want to find out more about a certain Halo 3 mod.

by +Owen Jones